Cost-Effective Marketing on a Small Budget

If you have a small marketing budget, it is possible to still have a way to get new customers. You will need some creativity, but you can still do it. Read on to find out the best cost-effective marketing moves to help you make more money with less.

Organic Marketing Is Your Best Friend

Paid advertising is a great marketing method, but it costs money for every click and view. With organic marketing, it does not increase with each additional follower you get. The four most effective organic marketing channels include email marketing, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PR (public relations).

Email Marketing

When a person subscribes to your email list it costs little to nothing to market to them. Some email service provider costs include contact storage and price per email. Driving paid traffic to high-quality landing pages is an easy method to gain subscribers, but organically through SEO, social media and PR are other low-cost alternatives that work just as well.

Social Media Marketing

If you have built a large social media following, you can market to your followers on several social media platforms at no cost. You can sell your product or service directly to your audience on social media, or you can lure them to landing pages with high-quality content and convert them into email subscribers. By having them on your email list, they can be become customers in the future.

If your social media content is effective, growing a following is easy. However, if you are producing content that does not appeal to people, you will need to start getting creative or invest in paid advertising.


SEO is a marketing tactic that ranks high on search results on Google, YouTube, Bing, etc. The only costs that are associated with SEO are building a reliable site infrastructure and paying to create pages that have chance of competing with similar content.


PR has different aspects, here we are talking about media outreach. A press release that is sent to the right people can get you exposure from bloggers and journalists and will get a lot of eyes on your brand for free. This requires some networking to find contact information for influential individuals but there are no costs involved in doing some research and sending some emails.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsoring the right event can drive brand awareness at a low cost. Some reasons to consider a sponsorship is that you the costs are low, the publicity is good, you can get exposure to target audience, and even get tax write-offs.

The Bottom Line

There are always ways to market your business, no matter the size of your budget. When you put those plans into action, you will see your revenue and your customer base grow. Whether you have a brand-new business or not, starting out with a small amount of funds will push to you to be efficient. Large budgets can lead to waste and low ROI. When someone has a small budget, they are more likely to use the funds wisely and spend it with care.