Small Business Lines of Credit

What happens when your business has an emergency and lacks the cash on hand to fix the problem? Ever miss out on a great opportunity with an astronomical return on investment? Every small business owner desires the ability to access needed capital without having to wait. Our Small Business Line of Credit Process makes this desire a reality. With a Crestmont Capital’s small business line of credit, you can have access to funds instantaneously and never lose out to a larger competitor again!

The process is simple! When an unexpected bill, purchase, or growth opportunity arises, simply access your Crestmont Capital line of credit account and receive funds in hours. No hassle, waiting or lengthy application! You control the funds because you know what is best for your business.

Advantages of a Small Business Line of Credit

  • Immediate Access to Funds With No Waiting or Application
  • Completely Unsecured with NO Collateral Needed
  • Only Pay on Your Outstanding Balance and Not Your Loan Amount
  • Regular Limit Increases Available Without Further Documentation Being Needed
  • Every Payment being 100% Tax Deductible

Uses of a Small Business Line of Credit

  • Purchase Inventory
  • Payoff High Interest Credit Cards or Cash Advance Loans
  • Renovation and/or Expansion
  • Payroll
  • Unexpected Emergencies