Our hardworking customers are the reason we’re in business.
Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied client, too!

“We had the opportunity to purchase a new movie license, but we didn’t have the equipment to keep up with the anticipated demand. I never had to worry because I knew Crestmont Capital from the previous financing and I knew they would get me the financing I needed.”

— Jerry G.

Toy Manufacturer

“I had a past relationship with Crestmont Capital. I’ve opened several pizza restaurants and they always financed our equipment. When I had the opportunity to sell my small chain, I didn’t know how to figure out the value of my restaurants. I needed business advice, legal advice, and tax advice. My Financial Advisor put me in touch with a Crestmont Capital Professional Advisor and the sale went through easily.”

— David L.

Restaurant Owner

“I didn’t know where to turn when my bank cut my credit line. This is a credit line I used for payroll, medical supplies, and more. I called Crestmont Capital and I was able to get a new credit line within 48 hours.”

— Dr. Johnson


“Victoria at Crestmont Capital tailored the perfect financial plan for our construction company. We have used several Crestmont Capital bridge loans, as well as used their short-term working capital to finish projects we wouldn’t have otherwise able to start. She took the time to understand the needs of my business.”

— Michele V.

Construction Company

“I finally made my dreams come true when I opened my designer clothing boutique. Even though our sales were well beyond projections, we were always short on cash. During my first year in business, I was turned down by my bank for a loan and couldn’t even get the time of day from lenders I found online. Crestmont Capital was able to see my dream and approved me the same day I applied.”

— Mara M.

Clothing Boutique Owner

“I had a relationship with Crestmont Capital after they funded my line of credit. But when It came to buying equipment for my commercial landscape business, I always used whoever the dealer suggested. One day, after we had already accepted a lucrative job, the dealer called and said I was overleveraged. He couldn’t get me any more financing. I was stuck in an embarrassing position where I took a job and didn’t have the resources to get it done. Luckily, Crestmont Capital came through and got me funded the next day.”

— Yon P.

Commercial Landscaper

“As a financial professional, I’m always skeptical about borrowing funds. There always seem to be hidden costs and it ends up being a big waste of time. But my CPA  firm really needed a line of credit. I gave Crestmont Capital a shot and I’m happy I did! I got my credit line at terms that worked for my business.”

— Rubin.L


“Our printing shop has been growing beyond belief. This sounds great but it means more equipment, more employees, more headache. Crestmont Capital financed all the equipment we needed and has provided the short-term capital our growth demanded.”

— Nancy Tran

Commercial Printer