4 Digital Marketing Channels Your Business Should Use

Digital marketing is a great opportunity for small and large businesses looking to increase revenues and profits. In today’s post we will explore some digital marketing channels your business should be using to grow.

Content Marketing

Content marketing consists of creating unique quality content to get your business found online through search engines and social media platforms. You need to dedicate resources to not only creating the content but also promoting it so that it gets found online. It can be an excellent investment in your company because you content will last forever.

Content marketing is more vital for small businesses because small businesses often do not have the marketing resources that larger firms do, and content marketing delivers high overall ROI. It is also a long-term strategy that can continue to pay dividends for a long time after it is put into effect.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has one of the highest ROIs of any marketing channel. Growing an email list and marketing directly to potential customers can scale your business and grow revenues quickly.

Ask yourself a few questions when you are considering email marketing:

  • Why should someone subscribe to my list?
  • How can I develop relationships with these potential customers through email marketing?
  • How can I communicate my offerings to potential customers in an efficient manner?

Email marketing starts with creating a mailing list for users to sign up for. You will need to give them a reason to sign up. Most companies will offer a free download in exchange for the users email address. This can be as simple as a checklist or more advanced like an eBook. No matter what it is you will want to provide value for the user.

Once someone has joined your email list, you will need to come up with a communication strategy to keep them engaged with your business. Depending on your business, there are several types of email you can send.

Social Media Marketing

For those with smaller or local businesses, social media is an untapped marketing opportunity that can help grow your revenue. Many small businesses avoid social media because they do not have the knowledge or time to do it. However, it is a great way to promote your services through imagery.

Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2.5 billion users and YouTube is closely behind. Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest all are other great options for businesses to use. You will need to dive into your analytics and figure out what your demographic is to figure out which social media platform is best for your business.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

When you are browsing the internet, you might notice a lot of ads. These ads are considered pay-per-click or PPC advertising.

Marketers can publish ads across the web and pay each time the ad is clocked on. PPC advertising is a special type of digital marketing strategy.

While some businesses might choose to solely rely on PPC advertising, it is best to use it as a piece of your marketing mix. PPC advertising can be expensive to run and can get out of hand without the proper attention.

For businesses willing to invest in PPC advertising, it can bring tremendous returns. Because PPC campaigns are extremely measurable and data-driven, you can get a stronghold of what is working and what is not. This will allow you to further optimize your campaigns to increase your ROI.

How to Develop a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Developing a digital marketing strategy is a process that changes overtime as your business grows. Below are a few tips to help you create and implement a successful digital marketing strategy for your business.

When it comes to digital marketing, there is no one right answer. Many factors will enable your strategy to succeed. Between content marketing, social media marketing, and PPC advertising, these channels can help your business grow volumes when managed correctly. You will need to dedicate the time and resources to let them grow alongside your revenues to set your business up for success in the decades to come.