The Best Tools for Small Business Owners

There are many aspects of a business that every owner needs to be aware of to run a successful business. From marketing to employee benefits, there is a lot to think about and it is not always easy. Every aspect of a business deserves attention and rapid growth does not happen overnight.

In this article we will discuss the best tips and tools to help small business owners run their business.


Marketing and social media both play a big role in the success of a business. Using social media to market your business helps it reach to hundreds and up to thousands of people. The best part of using social media is that posting is completely free. You will need to be very engaged on the accounts to stay relevant. By being consistent with posting, responding to comments, and keeping up with the trends you can reach many new customers.

You can also set up tracking tools such as Google Analytics to dive into what is working and what needs more attention on your website and your marketing platforms. Seeing the insights on these types of tools will help you navigate your business into the right direction.

Building an email list is also one of the best and most effective ways to grow a business quickly. You can provide discounts and incentives to customers so that they sign up and receive your emails. It is a great tool to keep your customers informed of what is new with your business and any promotions that you are running. 

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Having a good accounting and bookkeeping system is essential to keep track of how your business is financially doing. Without a solid system in place, you can be headed in trouble. There are many software programs that you can consider to help streamline your bookkeeping or you can hire and accountant that specializes in helping small businesses.

Customer Service

Having quality customer service will keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more. The response times are critical in customer service because the longer they wait, the more upset they get. You must have a system put in place that allows you to respond quickly so you can resolve any issues quickly and have that positive relationship.

Regardless of having a good system in place, there will still be the upset customers that need to be dealt with. You can train your staff to know how to deal with these customers and resolve the issues. Also consider investing in customer service tools to address any problems that arise so they are taken care of quickly.

Human Resources

You should create an onboarding process that guides employees through what they need to know about working for your business. This will be helpful for any new employees so that they do not miss any important information. Having an employee handbook can educate new employees about your business. Remember to review this handbook annually and make any necessary changes to it.

The Bottom Line

In order to drive your business forward, you need to pay attention to all aspects of running a business. The tips mentioned in this article can be used to improve different areas of your business so that you can grow.