Venture Capital & Angel Investment

Often when looking to the future and weighing goals against a need for capital infusion management has to weigh the options of adding debt to their balance sheet, or taking investment capital. Some of the best companies are at some point in their development conceptually brilliant but have very little in terms of revenue generation. Some of our clients have an incredible vision but are so early in the incubation stage that obtaining financing would be virtually impossible. Many of our clients are at a point where their need for funding exceeds what they could access through alternate means such as business loans. For most of these clients, with little to no current revenue, or have revenue disproportionate to debt servicing commitments, an investor is needed.

Our advisors examine every prospective opportunity, from an examination of the concept to ROI projections under multiple business strategies. Based on the results of those findings, Crestmont Capital either funds the project ourselves or puts the client in contact with a large internal list of private investors. When it is time for a business to obtain their initial round of Angel Investing or later stage pursuit of Venture Capital, Crestmont Capital is a resource that looks beyond numbers and envisions the dream. We know that the greatest business all started with an amazing vision.