Private Equity

Is a Private Equity Investment the Right Choice for Your Business?

Crestmont Capital's private equity division focuses on investing in growth-oriented mid-market companies. Our investments span a wide range of industries across the U.S. in established and growth-oriented businesses alike. We provide more than just capital. We seek to make the companies we invest in stronger through a bottoms-up strategy of transformation.

When is it the right time to offer equity in your business in exchange for funding rather than taking on business loans? When is the right time for your company to invest in another company? What are the legal implications of these decisions? What are the best ways to structure a private equity investment, giving or receiving, in order to minimize tax liability?

We have seen all of the pitfalls and the best passage ways to growth. We conduct a complete cash flow, investment finance, and managerial accounting analysis of the opportunity and advise the best way to proceed. Give us a little trust and we will help guide your business towards the dreams you have and the future you deserve.

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