Venture Capital

Investing More Than Capital

Our aim is to focus on early-stage companies by taking a founder-friendly approach. This results in a strong portfolio where we partner exclusively with outstanding founders who have unique visions and insights. Interested in allowing us to help your business accelerate to the next level?

Crestmont Ventures is the global venture capital wing of Crestmont Capital. Although we invest in businesses across all industries, we place particular emphasis on technology and healthcare firms.

As one of the most active and largest venture capital outfits in the technology and healthcare space, we have developed the knowledge and gained the insight needed to help our partner firms grow their visions. We channel all our insight and industry experience into every invest we make in technology and healthcare. Our goal is to find the right founders and right firms, at any stage, anywhere around the globe.

As we strive to offer the best support and enhancement to every firm in our portfolio, we have partnered with many of the most accomplished business leaders in the U.S. This elite expertise and investment, both in sweat and equity, feeds the development of technology and healthcare innovation both in the U.S and abroad.

Our investment strategies fit all stages of growth, often including a long-term plan to help our partner firms realize their long-term vision. From seeding emerging markets and early-stage companies to investing in more established, high-growth markets, Crestmont Ventures is the perfect choice for any company at any point in their growth arc. Your idea might be it the point of inception or already developed into a viable product, Crestmont Ventures offers the capital and expertise to help you realize your dream.

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