Mezzanine Capital

Middle-Market Mezzanine Investments

At Crestmont Capital we invest in companies led by experienced management team which can yield the free cash flow  to sustain a company's finances. We are currently seeking both equity and debt investment opportunities in the public and private sector. Minimum requirements of an EBITDA of $5 million or more that is seeking a minimum investment of $5 million or more.  

We have a diverse range of transaction purposes, including management buyouts, acquisition financing, recapitalization and sponsored buyouts. 

Our investments range from $5 million to $50 million and larger through our investment partners.  

Whatever the case, at Crestmont Capital we ensure that our investment is custom tailored to fit the needs of the equity sponsor, the company in which we are investing, and the overall growth plan for the capital structure of the company. 

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