Growth Equity

Growth equity for entrepreneurs

Growth equity is a type of private equity investment offered by Crestmont Capital. This product is usually a minority investment, in relatively mature companies that are looking for capital to expand or restructure operations, enter new markets or finance a significant acquisition without a change of control of the business. Our range of funds enables us to offer tailored options designed to support your company’s continued growth.

When is it the right time to offer equity in your business in exchange for funding rather than taking on business loans? When is the right time for your company to invest in another company? What are the legal implications of these decisions? What are the best ways to structure a private equity investment, giving or receiving, in order to minimize tax liability?

Our Private Client Advisers have over 80 years of experience on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley. We have seen all of the pitfalls and the best passage ways to growth. We conduct a complete cash flow, investment finance, and managerial accounting analysis of the opportunity and advise the best way to proceed. Give us a little trust and we will help guide your business towards the dreams you have and the future you deserve.

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