CFO/CPA Advising

For most small businesses, the role of Chief Financial Officer usually falls on the shoulders of the owner. Most of small business clients have the education and experience to navigate the general waters of a CFO. But is that enough? How much money could your company be losing because it does not have a proper plan in place for debt management? When taking on a new project, does your company have someone who can perform managerial finance functions, such as long-term ROI data analytics, short-term ROI and cost of acquisition analysis, break-even projections, or cash flow management? Is there someone who understands tax implications, and more importantly how to structure a project to limit tax liability? When do you choose debt financing over equity financing?

The cost of a full-time CFO is over $300,000 annually. A CPA will break your bank account if you need to ask questions throughout the process of managing or implementing a major project.  Our CFO Advisory Services offer small businesses a way of getting the consultation and management needed without a long-term, high cost investment or paying astronomical hourly fees. Our goal is to advise on a project, provided the best answers, and watch your business thrive.