Is Being Acquired The Right Choice For Your Business?

There will be times when the opportunity to grow through acquisition presents itself to a business. As a result, there are many questions that need to be answered before a business can proceed. If the decisions are not sound, that great opportunity for growth can quickly become a catalyst for failure. Does the acquiring business purchase the entire entity or just the assets? How much debt would the acquiring business have to assume? How does the acquiring business integrate the other business in terms of physical and human assets? When is a merger favorable over an acquisition?

Our Private Client advisors have seen these situation time and again in their past as C Level executives. Crestmont Capital has a collective team that will run the analytics, examine the legal ramifications, and understand the tax implications. We work hard to understand the needs and plans of every client. We then put together a comprehensive strategy for negotiation. Finally, we advise on the final details that are so vital in determining the future of our clients to ensure minimum exposure while maximizing upside.